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Content for Website Design and Development Company

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What Content to use for a Web Design and Development Company Website?

Are you planning to create a website for your Website Design and Development Company?, then this article will give you valuable insight into what content should you use for your web design and development website.

Here is the list of content topics for a website design company’s website

Websites with good content rank higher in Google search engine.
Good Website Content makes your Website Design Company’s website rank higher in Google.

Here are the content ideas for a “Website Design/Development” website

Website Design Services

The principal content on your website should speak about the services you offer as a website design company. So consolidate your services and create content based on the website design services. The content of website design services include two important subsets, “Types of website design services” and “Business verticals you are proficient in”. Examples of the website design services include:

  • eCommerce Website Design and Development
  • Small business Website Design
  • Corporate Website Design
  • WordPress Website Design
  • WordPress Customization
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Re-Design
  • Etc

Business Verticals

Examples of Business Vertical based Content

  • Website Design for Real Estate
  • Website Design for eCommerce
  • Website Design for Small Business
  • Website Design for Schools
  • Website Design for Small Business
  • Website Design for Law Firm
  • Website Design for Coaching Classes
  • Etc.

Content is King
Undoubtedly Content is King! And Website design company’s website is no exception to it.

Your Website Design and Development Philosophy

Tell your audience about the “philosophy”, about your “principles” of website design and development. The content of this “principles” section should focus on how your website designing services can help businesses. Examples of These are just pointers and ideas, you can elaborate them with your own content.

Your Abilities

This is an important point for your website design development content. let you customers know what your abilities are. As a web designing firm how capable you are at designing and developing websites. Tell them you can design a variety of types of websites across all business verticals. That you are proficient and well versed with all the website designing and development technologies. The content on this page should be simple and short but convey the right message.

Your Skills

You can also build unique content based on the skills your organization possess. The typical technical skills of a website design company are “HTML/CSS”, “WordPress”, “PHP”, “Graphic Design” etc. Let your potential prospects know how efficient you are with these. As part of the content for the website design and development page you can also elaborate your skills. Don’t try to be too technical and dont use technical jargon, your clients may not understand your high-end technical skills. The best way to portray your skills and abilities is to show your work to the prospective clients.

Your Experience

Give a brief idea of how experienced you as a website designer, are. When did you start the business, number of websites you have built since then, number of clients you have serviced etc. This information can contribute to valuable content for the website design/development page. This information has to be brief. Give them a link to visit your portfolio and case-studies for further exploration.

Your Website Design and Development Process

The website design methodology/process should be the part of your content. Explain textually and graphically the website design process to your client. A typical website design process is as follows:

  • Initial Meeting with Client
  • Chalking a Content Plan with Wire-frames
  • Presentation
  • Incorporating Clients Views
  • Freezing the Requirements
  • Content Generation
  • Content Approval from the Client
  • Beta Website Designing
  • Feedback from the Client
  • Launch the Live Website
  • Deliver the website and the content to the client
  • Sign-Off

Be creative while writing content for your web design company's website.
You have to be really creative and “extract” content from the various aspects of your Website Design business.


Create content for your website design company based on the case-studies. Elaborate the requirements of your client, challenges faced while designing the website, CMS platform used with good reasoning etc. Website design case studies are powerful content topics. Don’t forget to mention the client testimonial.


Websites in 2020 have to be compliant with many web standards like mobile compatibility, Google Structured Data, AMP etc. So use the compliance with these standards in the content for your website. You can either create a new page for the compliance or can distribute the content in the relevant pages.


Let your prospective clients know who is your clientele. Being associated with renowned brands helps your business convert more visitors into customers.


Create a portfolio page with the textual and info-graphic content. Put elegant mock-up of websites you have designed on the portfolio page. Many people who want to get the website designed for their business are interested into graphics than textual content. Show them what they need to see, let your portfolio do the talking.


Being a website design company, you are well versed with web technologies. Don’t be shy to elaborate various technologies you use while designing websites. The content for the technology section would be different from that of the skills. While the content of the talks about your proficiency in the technology. The technology page would shed light on the benefits of the web technology itself. A dedicated page would be ideal to publish content related to the technology.

Think out the box for great content ideas

You have to really think out of the box for great content ideas.


Every company has a well-defined strategy. Based on the various clients you have served and with your experience you have a website designing blueprint, a plan ready. Create a strategy page with relevant content outlining what is your methodology. This content gives the prospective client boost in the confidence in your organization.


Testimonials are an important part of any company. Create separate testimonial pages with audio visual (video) and textual content. Create a well-defined list of pointers on which a client should judge your company and talk about. Common pointers for client testimonial content are:

  • Error Free Website Design
  • Website Design with Content
  • Prior Experience
  • On Time Delivery
  • Technical Support
  • Professional Service

Company Profile

Create an elaborate website design company profile content distributed across pages like About Us, Vision and Mission, Core values, Work culture, Years in operation, Expertise, Number of websites built, number of happy customers etc. Mention every minute details about your web design company. Mention about your team – clients like to see the “strength” of your organization before they hire you.

About the Team

Write about your team members. A website design company typically has website designers, web developers, graphic designers, content writers and SEO experts. Create content around your team members and what role they play. Mention their strengths. It is a good idea to mention how the team works.

Achievements, Awards and Certifications

Let your prospective customers know about your achievements. Has your website design company received awards and recognition, then create a separate page with the appropriate content in the form text and videos. Your achievements will instill confidence in the minds of your prospective clients.


Are you a certified Website design agency, then elaborate on the certifications you have obtained.


Content is the basis of all digital marketing channels including websites. Content is information, the more you share the more visibility your website gets. Unique and informative content makes your website rank higher in search engines.

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