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Departments in a Digital Marketing Agency

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What are the various Departments in a Digital Marketing Agency?

The role of a digital marketing agency is assuming gigantic significance in today’s world, which is rightly known as the digital era. An increasing number of companies are now opting for digital marketing services, which entails entrusting marketing and promotion of their products, services or communications to a digital marketing agency rather than traditional advertising agencies. It is therefore important for new generation businesses to appreciate how digital marketing agencies function and the departments the drive them better.

A digital marketing agency is a versatile, multi-dimensional organisation that needs to perform a wide array of functions. There are core departments that enable them to carry out principal tasks organically while others render supplementary support necessary for smooth conduct of marketing activities.

Key Departments that Drive a Digital Marketing Agency

Here are the main departments that fuel a digital marketing agency and keep them up and running.

SEO Department

SEO Department
Unarguably, SEO is one of the most important departments of an agency that manages internet marketing by assimilating interrelated marketing branches. SEO boosts a company’s online visibility by working ceaselessly to improve a company’s search engine rankings, which brings it to customers’ attention online.

The goal of the SEO department is not only to boost the digital marketing agency’s online visibility but also its clients’. SEO is the most sought after and one of the most challenging of the digital marketing services. So for a successful Digital Marketing Agency it is inevitable to have expertise in the SEO arena.

The SEO department is responsible for driving the organic traffic to the websites (agency’s and also the client’s) which contributes to almost 75% of the total internet traffic. Given the nature of their work, the SEO department works closely with the Content, Website Design and Social Media departments.

Content Marketing Department

Content Marketing Department
In digital marketing “Content is King”! Content is the basis of SEO too. Innovative content marketing ideas can boost your organic search engine rankings, hence Content Marketing Department is as important as the SEO department.

The goal of the Content Marketing department is to create SEO-friendly, engaging, unique and plagiarism free content for various platforms. Content creation is an art, so the members of this department have to “think out of the box” and come up with unique content ideas and topics to beat the competition.

The Content department is responsible for creating content for all the digital marketing channels like Website and Blogs, SEO, Landing Pages and Social Media. The content department is not only responsible for creating the content (i.e content writing) but creating the entire Content Architecture (a.k.a Information Architecture) of a website.

Conveying important messages effectively through content management and engaging words is the responsibility of the Content Department of digital marketing agency. This department handles generating and writing content, editing and publishing relevant content that chalk out important details.

PPC Department

PPC Department
This is Pay Per Click marketing or PPC which involves advertisers paying a fee each time an ad put up by them is clicked. It is essentially about paying to get visitors to visit sites for earning positive response and outcomes. PPC is gaining popularity for producing encouraging results, therefore a separate department for PPC activities is seen quite commonly.

PPC service is a “Quick Fix”! PPC can drive instant targeted traffic to your website and landing pages, generating leads and sales for a digital marketing agency and its clients. PPC department consists of PPC analysts and account managers who setup and manage the PPC campaigns of the agency as well as the client’s. The job of the PPC department is to drive maximum “targeted” paid traffic to the website/landing page. It is also the responsibility of the PPC department to make sure that:

  • Generate Maximum Sales and Leads
  • Maintain an healthy ROI
  • Lower the CPC of the PPC keywords
  • Improve the Ad Rank
  • Improve the CTR of the PPC Ad
  • Improve the Quality Score of the Keywords and Landing Pages
The PPC department has to work closely with the content writing department, website design and development departments. Though PPC is also available on the Social Media platforms (called as “Paid Social”), the paid campaigns on the social media platforms are managed by the Social Media department while the “Paid Search” are managed by the PPC department.

Social Media Marketing Department

Social Media Marketing Department
The growth of social media and marketing on this platform has been exponential in recent times. Social media marketing is carried out professionally by experts who know the pulse of social media and market products, services and messages accordingly.

The Social Media Department has following tasks to do:

  • Social Media Optimization – The goal of SMO is to improve the reach of the social media posts. This results in improved “organic” traffic to the posts and subsequently to your website.
  • Social Media Marketing – The marketing involves the “Paid advertising” on the social media platforms.

The Social Media Marketing department is responsible in maintaining the social media accounts and business pages of the agency’s clients and updating them regularly. The Social Media departments needs to work closely with the Content and Graphic design departments.

Website Design Department

Website Design Department
In today’s digital era, digital marketing agency’s just cannot exist without a website design department. Website designing is an integral part of any Digital Marketing Agency, in-fact it is one of the important services provided by a digital marketing agency. Very often implementing Digital Marketing strategies call for SEO-friendly website design, re-design and website maintenance. Often the task of the Website design department is to design small brochure websites for small businesses. The goal of the website design is to design mobile-friendly, SEO-ready websites that would rank higher in search engines.

Website Development Department

Website Development Department
The Web Development department build more complex websites like eCommerce websites, portals, hotel websites with online booking features and big websites. While the website design department designs the UI/UX of the websites, the development team takes care of the programming part of the website development. The development department consists of individual team members specializing in various web technologies. The goal of the Website development department is to create feature-rich websites that fast and error-free.

Graphic Design and Audio Visual Department

Graphic Design
They are the creative artists that make websites come alive, grab customers’ attention and get them to delve into what the company wants them to know. This department also enhances the aesthetic charm of a website by making it look catchy while providing relevant information. Advanced graphics for websites available now are making websites look and feel breathtakingly attractive to amplify a company’s business.

All digital marketing campaigns need info-graphics. Graphics are the visual counterpart of the textual content. Websites, blogs and social media campaigns need graphics. Often the client expect the digital marketing agency to be competent enough to design “logo” too. So your digital marketing agency should have graphic artists proficient in branding too. Audio Visual (Videos) are widely used in digital marketing campaigns, especially on video sites like YouTube and Social media platforms like Facebook. This calls for having a audio visual expert who can create and edit videos for various channels.

Marketing Department

Marketing Department
Business development is the main task of the marketing department. A Digital Marketing Agency needs to have its own marketing department to acquire new clients and to convert leads into customers. The marketing in a digital marketing agency is of two types – Inbound and Outbound. Inbound marketing is reaching to your target audience through various digital marketing channels who searching for them in the first place, which of-course is the core competency of a digital marketing agency. While “Outbound” method is proactively reaching out to target audience without they actively looking for the services. Telecaller is a good example of outbound marketing.

Marketing involves closing the deal and getting the client on-board. The marketing team has to have the skill of “cracking the deal”.

App Development Department

Today many company’s prefer to develop their own mobile apps along with the websites. It is prudent for a digital marketing agency to invest in a mobile app development department.

Accounts Department

Since a Digital Marketing Agency has scores of clients each with different budget and requirements. So you need a department that keeps the record of all the clients and their payments. This is the “Accounts” department, though not a part of the “core” work-force, an Accounts department is indispensable.

HR Department

The Human Resource Department is responsible of getting the right resource in the Agency. Their job is to keep the work-force motivated and in high spirits all the time.


A digital marketing agency functions optimally with the support of all the departments that help deliver the desired results in the stipulated time. While the departments like SEO, Content, PPC, Website Design/Development, Social Media form the core of a digital marketing agency, departments such as Marketing, Business Development and Client Servicing Team communicate extensively online with the outside world. They spread relevant information and form new bonds that create new relations and scope. The Accounts Department and the HR Department also perform important tasks that render important support for overall success in the digital world.

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