Designations in a Digital Marketing Company

Designations in a Digital Marketing Company

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Digital marketing is a dynamic field growing at an accelerated pace, courtesy our world going digital. As you would expect, digital marketing offers a plethora of opportunities to professionals eager to make a career in it. If you’re also considering making a flourishing career in this field, you can definitely make your mark by working at a suitable post in it. Here are the key designations that will help you carve a promising niche for yourself and make a rewarding career in.

Key Designations in a Digital Marketing Company

Professionals in a digital marketing company execute their tasks at distinctive posts that achieve vital objectives. A digital marketing has various departments that in turn have following designations. Below is an overview of key portfolios and designations in the digital marketing company.

Analyst Designation

Analyst Designation Digital Marketing Company

“Analyst” is the basic designation in any digital marketing company. They are the well-armed and well-trained foot soldiers of the digital marketing army. Analysts are experts or specialists in their respective fields like SEO, PPC, Data Analysis, Content and Social Media.

  • SEO Analyst – An employee with the designation “SEO Analyst” is responsible for executing all the SEO related tasks like keyword research, link building, internal linking, submission, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster setup and integration, article submission, on-page and off-page SEO. An SEO analyst also co-ordinates with various other teams like Website design/development and Content marketing.
  • PPC Analyst – As the name suggests the guy with this designation manages the PPC campaigns. It is his job to make sure that the PPC campaigns generate maximum leads and sales with a good ROI. It is also his job to make sure the PPC account is in good “health”. PPC analyst and SEO analyst are the oldest designations you will find in any digital marketing agency
  • Social Media Analyst – This is the designation for the analysts who manage social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. The job of the Social Media Analyst designated employees is to make sure the social media accounts are well optimized, the posts on various social media channels are reaching maximum audience, the social media accounts are updated regularly and are up-to-date. Since they also manage the “Paid Social Ads”, they also make sure the social media “ads” are well directed to the target audience. The designation “Social Media Analyst” is a relatively recent addition to the Digital Marketing sphere. Executives designated as Social Media Analysts need to have a thorough understanding of news-feed algorithm and marketing.
  • Content Curator – Though this is not a mandatory designation in a digital marketing agency. It is an important one and this task is mostly performed by content writers in most digital marketing agencies. The main job of the executive designated “Content Curator” is to analyse content elements and collect the relevant content for websites, blogs and social media. Content creation calls for “extracting” valuable and relevant data from multiple sources and you need to curate a lot of content to create valuable unique content. This is where the employees designated as “Content Curators” come into picture. Content Creation is a complex task. Often it is seen that content writers have to perform dual tasks of Content Researching/Curating as well as Content Writing, this affects the efficiency of the content writers. So digital marketing agencies now a days work in phases when it comes to content creation. The content is first researched by one team and then re-phrased by another.
  • Content Writer – No brainer here! They create content. They are adept in creating unique, valuable and SEO-ready content for websites, social media and blogs. They have to coordinate with the content research team to get the raw content and content ideas and then create the content around the given themes.
  • Content Coordinator – The person of this designation manages several content campaigns of several clients. He coordinates with content researcher, content writers and clients. He is responsible for understanding the content requirements of the client, allotting the tasks and auditing the content and delivering the final content solution to the client.

Digital Marketing Manager Designation

Designations in a Digital Marketing Company

After checking the various analyst designations, lets move one level up to the designation of managers. What separates an analyst from the manager is the experience. Managers concoct various strategies while the analysts implement them. A person at the designation of a Digital Marketing Manager is like the “Chief of Army Staff”. A digital marketing manager has several individual managers reporting to him. For example SEO Manager, Content Marketing Manager, PPC Manager, Social Media Manager etc all report to the person designated as Digital Marketing Manager. In smaller digital marketing agencies though, there are no intermediate managers (like SEO Manager, PPC Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Manager etc.). There is only one managerial designation i.e Digital Marketing Manager. All the analysts from various teams report to the only one manager.

The post of a digital marketing manager is one for those are passionate about developing, applying and managing digital marketing strategies to bring a company and its products and services under the digital spotlight. The digital marketing manager plays a key role in improving brand awareness in the digital world, driving website traffic and securing leads and new customers for the company.

PPC Account Manager

PPC Account Manager Designation in a Digital Marketing Company

The designation of a PPC Account Manager, for instance, is one such profile through which professionals like PPC experts and analysts perform the crucial role of implementing Pay Per Click media strategies. This job basically entails a business model wherein a company that has advertised on a website pays a certain amount of money to the host website when a user clicks on the ad.

This task serves as a vital instrument of creating awareness about the product/ service and generating revenues in the long run. A PPC specialist also contributes to handling budgets, SEO strategies, tracking KPIs and ad performance to ensure smooth progress towards accomplishment of desired goals. This area also has in its ambit fields like marketing, data analysis, understanding statistics, etc.

SEO Manager

A Search Engine Optimization Specialist is synonymous with accountability like driving traffic to a site by improving page rank within search engines. It is also in essence about analyzing, revising and implementing changes to websites to optimize them for search engines. SEO specialists apply different testing methods in design, layout, search engine marketing and advertising techniques for the purpose of acquiring the most profitable paid traffic. They are also concerned with website layouts and advertising in order to achieve successful results.

Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager Designation in Digital Marketing Company

Good content is one of the key essentials that propels a business in the right direction. The designation of Content Marketing Manager, along with those of a content writer, copywriter, blogger and others are for the creatively inclined. Content Marketing Managers are involved with for planning, developing and implementing a company’s content strategy. They also manage creation and production of online and offline marketing content.

Further, content writers, copywriters and bloggers are those who have a way with words and the ability to bring a company’s product/ service alive with the power of words. One can also easily perceive the rapidly growing scope that specialists working at the posts of technical writers and content curators can look forward to.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers, social media analysts and experts deep dive into the fathomless realm called social media where they make their clients make a mark. While Social Media Managers strategize, implement and manage a client’s social company’s Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, elevate marketing endeavors and boost sales.

Website Developer (Programmer)

Professionals who are engaged on the posts of Website Design or Development Manager, website manager, developer et al. bring a website aesthetically alive. Popularly known posts like those of graphic designers and UX designers also play a pivotal role in helping companies archive its targets speedily. They possess marvelous talent with which they create the structure, layout, pages and virtually everything that’s a part of a website.

Website Designer

Their job is to design smart websites that are mobile and search engine friendly. Website designers create UI/People designated as “Website Designers” form an important part of any internet marketing agency. The web designers should understand how their method of designing websites affect the various aspects of digital marketing. Website designing is not just about creating captivating websites, it has got more to do with designing smart websites that are not only appealing but also search engine friendly.


A Person of the designation “Webmaster” is the keeper of the website. He is responsible for keeping the website up and running. This designation differs from a Website Designer or Developer in the sense that designers and developers don’t monitor and maintain the website. Their job is to create and develop the website. The technocrat designated “webmaster” on the other hand monitors various aspects of the website. These aspects can be technical (page load time, mobile compatibility, error-free, CMS, plugins etc) as well as digital marketing specific (SEO, webmaster/analytics etc). The webmaster designation is like an “Account Manager” for a website. In a company a single person can be a webmaster of several websites.

WordPress Developer

WordPress is the most preferred and widely used CMS in the world. A WordPress developer specializes is designing as well as developing websites based on WordPress CMS. He is responsible for choosing the right theme for the website, customizing the theme, choosing the right plugins to further improve the website and troubleshooting WordPress websites. WordPress is a database driven CMS and hence WP website development is different from normal HTML website development. This calls for specialist web designers/developers to do the job.

Graphic Designer

Info-graphics is also a type of content and a digital agency needs lot of it. Graphic designers are designated so because they design captivating and engaging graphics needed for all the online marketing campaigns. Be it website/blog or social media, they design alluring and engaging graphics with relevant call-to-actions (provided by the content writer) for all the platforms.

Branding Experts

You may ask how cum a online marketing company/agency has positions/designations for “branding experts”. The reason for this is, clients often don’t like to outsource their digital marketing and branding tasks to multiple agencies, they don’t prefer too many agencies to deal with. Because digital marketing is closely related to branding activities, they like their internet marketing agency also provide branding services. Hence digital marketing companies have designated branding experts too.

Logo Designers

Logo designers are brand craftsmen. Though “Logo Design” is purely related to branding industry, it has become common for digital marketing companies to provide branding services too, hence they have to hire branding resources too. Logo designer is one of the most important resource related to branding. While all the resources of the designation logo designers can be graphics designers too, not all graphic designers can be logo designers. Logo designing is purely an art, Logo designers don’t just design logos but are competent enough to concoct the entire branding design strategy. That’s why logo designer is an important designation in any digital marketing company.

Marketing and Sales Executives

All digital marketing companies have designated marketing and sales executives. These resources are responsible for closing the deal with the client. Marketing resources proactively reach prospective clients and convince them how they would benefit from the services offered by their agency. Marketing executives not only followup and convert the inbound leads but also aggressively pursue outbound leads too. Successful conversion is often rewarded with handsome incentives.

These are the chief designations that professionals in a digital marketing company are deputed at through which they make a difference to clients in their own domain.

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