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How Digital Marketing Agency Imparts an Edge to your Business?

The battle between hiring a digital marketing agency vs the in house digital marketing department has been raging for quite a while. Opinions are divided over letting in-house digital marketing experts handle marketing independently or getting an external agency experts to guide your company’s digital marketing strategies. In this article we will spotlight the pros and cons of both the scenarios and also guide you on when to get an external digital marketing agency or expert in to the picture.

Companies opting for outsourcing digital marketing believe in letting skilled specialists reach out to their target audience professionally. They don’t want to take chances in the midst of increasing competition and would rather let professionals take over.

While most people nowadays are social-media savvy and have some idea about creating brand awareness, they’d rather invest a bit in specialized marketing activities that only a digital marketing agency can deliver. On the other hand, the latter school of thought believes in placing trust in its own human resources by practicing in-house marketing. It considers outsourcing digital marketing an unnecessary strategy and believes in self-reliance. It basically frowns upon taking services of a digital marketing agency as an avoidable procedure that entails needless expenditure.

Comparative Analysis of Digital Marketing Agency and In-House Marketing Department Before the advent of digital marketing agencies, in-house marketing or hiring services of advertising agencies was prevalent. Most of the companies are therefore familiar with the concept and effectiveness of in-house marketing.

In the present times, there is a greater level of awareness about outsourcing digital marketing. Many companies are now willing to explore the difference that a digital marketing agency can make to their business.

The question that arises here is whether it is practical and profitable to spend money over hiring professional services or entrusting the internal team. They suggest that before forming an opinion, you ought to compare and contrast your observations and then go ahead.

Studies and statistics show that overall, professionals in a digital marketing agency are better clued in to what the target audience wants. Those who endorse outsourcing digital marketing are of the opinion that digital marketing agencies focus solely on marketing, which in-house team members often cannot.

Outsource vs In-house Digital Marketing
Outsource vs In-house Digital Marketing

Analysis of the Digital Marketing Agency vs In-house

While both digital marketing agency and in-house marketing have their own merits, the trend of more businesses showing preference for the former is on the rise. Those who favor in-house marketing recount the following advantages associated with it:

  • Deeper knowledge of the product or service and necessary procedures.
  • Better coordination among all working on the product or service.
  • Time-saving and cost-effective.
  • Security of data as it stays in-house
  • Training and development of in-house professionals for future launches.

In addition, supporters of in-house digital marketing department assert that all the limitations they face can be overcome with some effort.

Impact of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

There are companies that have attempted both the methods and drawn conclusions that are identical. Most of them have expressed their willingness to opt for outsourcing digital marketing services instead of relying solely on in-house endeavors.

According to a majority of marketing professionals, digital marketing agency professionals are better equipped to gauge search engine marketing and social media trends and position products accordingly. They are perceived to have an edge on account of the following advantages they boast of:

  • More Skilled and Professionally Qualified

    Digital marketing agencies are engaged unceasingly in all things digital marketing unlike in-house teams. Digital marketing experts don’t have to look after loads of product/ service-related tasks and other workplace responsibilities like their in-house counterparts. They are therefore far more focused on marketing activities, which is the way it should be.

  • Prior Experience with your Business Verticals

    A digital marketing agency caters to several companies across industries. They gain valuable experience in each project and take home something from them. They apply new learning and insights to every new project, which would be yours too.

  • Desired Results at Quicker Pace

    Digital marketing agencies are well-versed with the procedures, patterns and understanding of marketing tricks. It helps them work faster with perfection and deliver successful results far more swiftly than anyone else can.

    In-house digital marketing departments are unable to work at the same pace and at the same level. They do not have a vast pool of experience to learn from nor much external exposure. As a result, digital marketing agencies ultimately score over them and deliver better outcomes.


Ideal Juncture to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency at

A company naturally has a vision and knows what it wants before a digital marketing agency steps in. The right moment to hire professional digital marketing services, according to experts is when the overall digital marketing strategy and campaign are totally clear to you and finalized at your end.

It generally involves your website and any web-based source you utilize. Revamping your website and highlighting your product or service is of predominant significance here. Apart from your website design, your message and thoughts in the form of website content and blog should also be reviewed before you take the plunge.

Why Digital Marketing Agency is better than In-House
Why Digital Marketing Agency is better than In-House

When Should you Outsource Digital Marketing

When you realize that your digital marketing campaigns are not performing to their fullest potential. It is a good idea to get your digital campaigns checked from an external digital marketing agency.

PPC Audit

Get a quarterly audit done from a professional digital marketing agency. This includes checking and certifying PPC campaigns, the keywords, the ad copies, landing pages, negative keywords, geographical targeting and more.

Campaign Overhaul

When there is a need for a complete overhaul of your digital marketing campaigns think of hiring an external digital marketing agency that would certify your new marketing strategy.

Concocting Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy is closely related to the SEO strategy and is the trickiest one. A wrong content strategy can lead to serious issues like content duplication and keyword cannibalization. So get your content strategy crafted from an experienced digital marketing agency.


There is often a misconception regarding hiring a digital marketing agency. You need not outsource the entire activities to the agency, rather your in-house department can carry all the execution and let the agency act as a “consultant” to your business. The hired agency will concoct the digital marketing strategy that would be implemented by your in-house team.

Digital Marketing Strategy vs Domain Expertise

Your in-house digital marketing team has more domain expertise than any agency but remember it is the agency that has more skills of leveraging this domain knowledge with the marketing channels. The agency has the experience of capitalizing on the key business USPs and effectively using them in the digital marketing channels. So it is important that your in-house team coordinate with the hired agency.

Is outsourcing Digital Marketing costly?

Nope, Not if you hire us, Complete Circle Digital Marketing Agency in Pune. Our consultancy services cost as low as Rs. 5000 per month. Our experts will forge a robust strategy and also make sure that it is implemented as planned. Guaranteeing success!

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