Digital Marketing Services in Pune

We are a group of digital marketing experts with over two decades of experience in SEO, Content, Pay Per Click, Internet publishing and allied services. We all share a common principle that “our client’s growth is our growth”. That is why we focus on small businesses in Pune and help them prosper with our proven digital marketing services. At Complete Circle Digital Marketing Company PUNE our emphasis is on providing Affordable digital marketing services to businesses in Pune.

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Challenges faced by Local Businesses in PUNE

Online Challenges faced by businesses in Pune
Online Challenges faced by businesses in Pune

It is observed that Local Search Engines/Directory Services, OTAs, Real Estate Portals etc dominate the organic as well as paid listings in search engines. Small business owners find it very hard to beat these giants and make their websites rank higher, above them. Small businesses have to depend upon these portals to drive online traffic to their business. Often the registration and listings prices are too high for many local businesses. This is the biggest challenge faced by local businesses. At Complete Circle Pune we know precisely the issues faced by businesses and provide “Local” digital marketing services and solutions that address these issues. Hire Us and see the difference.

Affordable Services in Pune

Affordable Digital Marketing Services Pune
Affordable Digital Marketing Services Pune

We have noticed that often “quality” digital marketing services are beyond the reach of small businesses. Digital Marketing Service Providers charge exorbitant amount for trivial tasks and take a undue advantage of client’s ignorance about the whole digital marketing gamut. For example website design companies charge anywhere between Rs. 25000 to Rs. 50000 to design a 10 page website, and you have to pay separately for the content. And the package often does not include SEO, you have to pay separately for SEO services, to rank higher in organic search. They are often pitched services that the business don’t require. Often the digital marketing services are bundled together and you end up spending your hard earned money on services that have very little benefit for your business.

Digital Marketing Services vs Solutions

Digital Marketing Services in Pune
Digital Marketing Services in Pune
SEO, PPC, Social Media, Paid Ads are the digital marketing services, while the combination of two or more such services create a perfect solution. Depending upon the nature of your business, we combine these services in varying degree to formulate a winning digital marketing solution for your business. We offer you the digital marketing services that are NECESSARY for your business and that too at affordable prices. We do not bundle services unless they are necessary. We offer customized services and solutions.

Domain Expertise in Digital Marketing

Domain Expertise in Digital Marketing
Domain Expertise in Digital Marketing

The dominant area of our digital marketing is the “domain knowledge”. Our professional analysts have worked for a wide range of business verticals like real estate, hotel and hospitality industry, travel and tourism, retail outlets and shops, small businesses, medical practitioners, interior decorators and architects, consultants etc. When we say domain expertise we mean we understand how the particular business is conducted, what are the key USPs of the business, their product and services, strength and weaknesses, persona of the potential audience/buyers, their requirements, challenges faced by the businesses etc. We leverage digital marketing services with our domain expertise to concoct a winning solution for your business.

We understand Pune

Digital Marketing Agency Pune
Digital Marketing Agency Pune
Sound knowledge of the location where the digital marketing services are offered also play an important role in the success. Since we are based in Pune we understand the Pune city. We know the different localities and the demographics of Pune city, the socio-economic characteristics of the Pune city, the character of the the target audience (which is of-course diverse). These factors matter a lot when offering digital marketing services to local businesses.

Examples of Digital Marketing Services and Solutions

Here are some of the real-life examples of digital marketing services we offer to businesses in Pune.

Gift Shop in Aundh

You may be a “gift shop owner” in the Aundh locality of Pune. We would not recommend a website for your shop right away. With Google Local Listings (Google My Business), YouTube and Facebook, you don’t need a website for local services. First we would offer content (textual, info-graphics and video) services that would help your potential customers find your shop when they search for keywords like “gift shop in aundh”, or “gift shop near me” (when searched in your locality).

Restaurant in Deccan Gymkhana

If you are a restaurant in Deccan Gymkhana area of Pune, we would leverage services that would make your listing (local or website)  appear at the top whenever someone searches for keywords like “veg restaurant in deccan gymkhana”. Our social media solution would display your hotel ads to prospective guests in particular locality. The ad portraying crisp pictures of your hotel, cuisines offered by your hotel, menu of the day, highlighting your key USPs like valet parking etc.

Engineering Company in PCMC

Lets say you are an Engineering company in the PCMC Industrial Belt near Pune. You are looking to expand your business and looking for clients overseas. We can help you reach your potential customers with our proven SEO and PPC digital marketing services. We possess requisite domain knowledge pertaining to Engineering and Manufacturing industry. Our digital marketing solution would include a complete revamp of the existing website and content. With focus on content marketing, we would create elaborate content highlighting the various USPs of your services and products. to capture targeted leads.

Real Estate Business in Pune

Whether you are a Channel Partner (real estate agency) or a Real Estate developer in Pune, our strategy would be to drive high quality organic and paid traffic to the real estate website. Our digital marketing solution would comprise of all the services. Real estate business has wide range of keywords. Our strategy would be to touch all the particulars of the real estate businesses like commercial/residential property, investment perspective, locality benefits etc.