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Google Adwords Benefits

Benefits of Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a quick-fix when it comes to search engine marketing/advertising. Google Adwords is one of the most wide used digital marketing service. In today’s digital age, online advertising has become as important as outdoor advertising since more and more people are searching for services and products on the internet. Even in the age of Social Media, SEARCH is still the most dominant of activities done online. And Google Adwords lets you advertise your business online almost “instantly”. Google Adwords is the king when it comes to PPC advertising with 71% market-shareComplete Circle Pune’s Google Adwords management services let you reach your target audience in not only Pune city but round the globe. Our Google Adwords management services can help you reach your audience at an affordable fee of just Rs. 5000 per month.
Google Advertising Company Pune

Google Adwords Advertising Services

Unlike organic search results which takes months for a website to gain higher position in SERPs through SEO, Google Adwords offers quick and easy way to display your ad well above the organic listings, driving instant targeted traffic to your landing pages/websites. Google Adwords is an “active method of advertising where people are proactively searching for the services and products you offer. Features like geographical targeting, keyword based active advertising, Pay-Per-Click model, instant campaigns changes etc make Google Adwords the most suitable online advertising platform for businesses in Pune.

Google Adwords Marketing Pune

Google Adwords Marketing Services

“Marketing” is a super-set of “Advertising”. Complete Circle Pune’s Google Adwords Marketing Services not only include setting up of the ad but deploying a full fledged ROI-oriented paid marketing strategy. This includes landing page design, content with call-to-actions, lead capture form design and testing, Google Analytics/Tag Manager integration etc. The aim of our Google Adwords Marketing strategy is to generate quality Lead and Sales for your business. Our vast Digital Marketing Experience, Best Adwords Practices, Domain expertise, and Affordable services makes us the best Adwords Company in Pune.

What sets us apart from mediocre Google Adwords Companies in Pune?

These are the parameters that set Complete Circle Digital Marketing Company’s apart from other ordinary companies in Pune:

    • Our Google Adwords experts have sound understanding of the Google Adwords platform and managing it. This includes Program guidelines, best practices, google ad formats, quality score, video ads, display network, call-only ads, re-marketing, google ads APIs, etc.
    • Google Adwords experts have more than 10 years of experience in managing and successfully promoting wide range of businesses online.
    • All allied Google Adwords services like landing page design, content, graphics, hosting – under one roof in Pune.
    • Our company has been providing Digital Marketing Management Services in Pune for more than 10 years.
    • Good domain knowledge – Our analysts have sound domain knowledge of all major business verticals.
    • We have the Blueprint Ready – Given the Adwords experience, skills and domain expertise – we have the paid advertising blueprint ready for your business in Pune. This makes us possible to deploy the Adwords advertising campaigns at the earliest.
    • We understand Pune- Adwords advertising calls for good understanding of your audience persona. We know Pune and its surrounding areas in and out, its diverse population, the various suburbs, businesses and the audience.
Google Adwords Strategy

Our Google Adwords Strategy

Complete Circle Pune Google Adwords Company’s strategy focuses on driving “targeted” traffic to your website/landing pages at a lower Cost-Per-Click. Our strategy combines best Google Adwords account management practices, domain knowledge, good understanding of target audience, crisp landing pages with call-to-actions, and engaging content. We strive to be a step ahead of your competitors in all the aspects pertaining to Google Adwords advertising. This calls for close monitoring of the Adwords campaigns, keeping a close watch on vital parameters and “health” of the campaign, making swift changes to the ad copies as and when required, constantly searching for new keywords and adding them whenever discovered.

Google Adwords Keywords

Extensive Keyword Research

As an experienced PPC Company in Pune we understand that in paid advertising each click costs you money. Hence at Complete Circle Google Adwords Company  Pune, it is our policy to choose the right keywords for your services and products. Since we also offer SEO services to our clients, we have vast keyword data extracted from various tools like Google Webmaster, Keyword Planner, WordStream, Word tracker etc. Complete Circle Pune’s Adwords management services ensure that not a single keyword is missed. Our Adwords experts see to it that keywords are categorized according to their context and our thorough Google Adwords management process makes sure that the keywords are not duplicated.

Small Targeted Ad Groups

Similar keywords with the appropriate match types are grouped together in one ad group. Our Google Adwords management policy at Complete Circle Pune is to create separate ad groups for contextually different set of keywords, if need arises we even created separate landing pages to match the keywords used for advertising. These Google Adwords management practices help in improving the quality score, reducing the CPC and improving the CTR of the google ads.

Landing Pages Best Practices

Our Adwords management best practices include designing dedicated landing pages for separate set of keywords and ad copies. Our landing page design feature above the fold actionable items, engaging call-to-actions and buttons, keyword-rich content, error free lead capture form and lead tracking.

A/B Testing

We A/B test the ad copies and landing pages for best results. A/b testing is a tried and tested method to determine which set of parameters draw more targeted visitors to the website.

Ad Copies

Our copywriters create alluring and engaging ad copies that portray the key USPs of your business that the audience are precisely looking for. Our Copywriting best practices are geared towards improving your CTR.

Google Adwords for Local Business

Most search queries are people searching for local services like “google adwords company in pune”, “digital marketing agency near me”, “content writer in kothrud”, “seo agency in hinjewadi”, “ppc company in pune“, “face marketing company in wakad” etc. With its “Geographical Targeting” feature you can target your audience in Pune as well as throughout the globe. So you could be a restaurant in Sinhagad road area of Pune, Google Adwords lets you advertise your restaurant only in that area of Pune city where you are likely to get guests from.

BEST Google Adwords Management Services

At Complete Circle Pune, we not only setup your Google Adwords account but also manage and maintain your account. Our Adwords management services include:

  • Business Analysis – Our Google Adwords specialists do a complete analysis of your business and extract the key USPs.
  • Content – The content along with the call-to-actions for the landing pages is created.
  • Campaign Setup – The Google Adwords campaign is setup. Several campaigns with distinct ad-groups are created. Closely related ad-groups are clubbed in a single campaign.
  • Client Approval – The landing pages are shared with the client and his approval is sought, if there are any changes they are implemented.
  • Budget and CPC – Appropriate budget settings are applied to the campaigns and the entire Google Adwords account.
  • Targeting – Appropriate geographical targeting settings are applied. The keyword bids are set to make sure the ad reaches maximum audience.
  • Monitoring – We monitor your Google Adwords account round the clock.
  • Google Adwords Updation – The Adwords campaign is monitored thoroughly and fine-tuned. When you add new product or services to your business, the same gets added to your Adwords account without any delay. Our Adwords Experts are in constant touch with you (or your marketing team) and have the schedule of your marketing plan for the given month. Any changes to your marketing campaigns are applied immediately to your adwords campaign too.
  • Continuous Keyword Research – Extensive keyword research that also include the negative keywords to filter out the unwanted traffic. Our Adwords experts coordinate with the SEO team to discover new keywords that can be added to your existing Adwords campaigns.
    Competitor Survey – Adwords experts at Complete Circle Pune do a regular competitor’s survey to give you the “situational awareness”.
  • Creation of New Landing Pages – Whenever you launch a new adwords campaign, we create a new corresponding landing page (at a small extra price).
  • Reporting – Our Adwords experts will provide you with regular reports on how your campaigns are performing. The reports are accompanied with our expert recommendations.
  • Transparency – We maintain complete transparency with our clients. All Google Adwords strategies are explained to the client and we hold nothing back.
Start Google Adwords

So, How does it work?

You signup for our SEO and Google Adwords Retainer Services for monthly fee of just Rs. 5000. This fee includes the complete management of your Google Adwords account. This fee does not include the landing page design and content charges. Our Adwords agency guarantee success in the form of more leads and sales! You will also get valuable suggestions and audit of your other digital marketing campaigns. Call now on 7588478239!